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8/2/2017 (Permalink)

We all have bad days...but then the toilet backs up and that demands your attention! Not how you wanted to spend your day! It can't hurt to be prepared for a minor disaster, so here are some tips to avoid sewage back up in to your home.

1. Avoid pouring grease or oils, such as coconut oil down the drain. It will eventually solidify when it cools down and that can cause a problem.

2. Do NOT flush wet wipes, even the ones that claim to be "flush-able" just to be safe. My son flushed his superman undies down the toilet, just because they can be flushed doesn't mean it's the best idea.

3. Put hairballs in the trash, not down the drain or in the toilet, they can cause problems in the future!

4. Never throw paper towels in the toilet, a lot of  paper towels these days are like wash clothes, so trash those to too.

5. Finally make sure you keep an eye on the root systems around your home and sewer lines. Remove any obstruction that could possibly harm your pipes.